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OccuPlus Occupational health software.


We provide both On-site & In-house
Traceable Calibration Services for your Occupational Health and Medical Equipment. 


Keep your equipment up and running with our experienced technicians and commitment to accurate, quick repairs of your equipment.


Occuplus Occupational Health Software.
•AudioPlus •SpiroPlus
•VisionPlus •AdminPlus


Preventative Maintenance of your Medical Equipment. Prevent equipment downtime. Improve the performance and safety of the equipment.


3M Eartips, Audio Patient Response Switches, Headsets & Cables, Battery Packs, Power Supplies.

Our featured Occupational Health Equipment

NBR Headset-The Boothless Solution

MSG NBR Audiometer

The NBR (No Booth Required) USB Audiometer for hearing tests, is the Ultimate Portable BOOTHLESS Solution for Occupational Health Professionals.

MSG SA100 Audiometer

MSG SA100 Audiometer

The SA100 Screening Audiometer is USB Powered, Compact and User Friendly. Ideal for the Occupational Health Professional Clinic or Mobile Unit.

MSG Industrial Screening Booth

MSG Screening Booth

The MSG Acoustic Industrial Screening Booth for Audiometric Testing is fully Compliant and properly Insulated. Fitted Castors makes it Mobile.

MSG USB Spirometer

MSG USB Spirometer

The MSG USB Powered Spirometer is Accurate, Lightweight, Robust & User-friendly with state of the art Technology. Meets & Exceeds SANS-451 Standards.

MSG 3L Calibration Syringe

MSG 3L Syringe

The MSG 3L Volume Calibration Syringes are designed for Bi-Directional 3 Litre testing and calibration of spirometry devices.

MSG USB Weather Station

MSG USB Weather Station

The MSG USB Weather Station has multiple sensors that accurately measures pressure (mmHG, mbar), temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit) and humidity in real time. 

MSG Keystone View Vision Screener

MSG Vision Screener

The MSG Keystone Medical Vision Screener is Portable and designed for rapid yet accurate tests. Use it Manually or with OccuPlus Software.

Occuplus Occupational Health Software

Occuplus Software

OccuPlus Occupational Health Software is the Complete Software Solutions with a single patient / employee entry. Generates COF and Annexure 3. Easy Data Backup.

OccuPlus Occupational Health Software 

OccuPlus provides the OccuPational Health Industry with a complete Occupational Health Software Solution. With OccuPlus you only have to capture the patient/employee information once. OccuPlus integrates directly with the testing devices, capturing test results into a common database.

Occupational Health Software - AudioPlus

The AudioPlus module is used to track audiometric testing and results through direct interface with the Audiometer. Multiple Audiometers can run simultaneously.

Occupational Health Software - SpiroPlus

The SpiroPlus module is used to automatically track and record the lung function test through direct interface with the spirometer

Occupational Health Software - VisionPlus

The VisioPlus module is used to automatically track and record the vision test through direct interface with the Vision Screene

Occupational Health Software - AdminPlus

The AdminPlus Module enables you to go completely Paperless.
Generates Certificate of Fitness, Annexure 3. Customizable Questionnaires & Reports and so much more.

  • Generate Certificate of Fitness and Annexure 3.
  • Easy Backup of your Data.
  • Customized Branding for Medical Certificates with anti-fraud verification.
  • Network and Cloud compatible for busy Occupational Health Clinics.
  • Add Patient's / Employee's photo on Medical Certificate.
  • List patients tested per day.
  • Import your data from other brands of Audio Software into OccuPlus. (Per Request • Data Conversion Charges Applicable)
occuplus occupational health software

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